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What People are Saying About OrthoFit!


Loris K.

I am so excited about my new fitness journey with Sharon. She is a true professional and an expert in her field. I have struggled to stay healthy after my C1-C7 neck fusion. My neck was not able to move left or right up or down. I was not able to drive without being in a state of anxiousness. I was only able to walk about 10 minutes without a neck brace. This lack of mobility had caused the weight to pile on and I went from a size eight to a size twelve in three years. To make matters worse I was diagnosed with LBBB a heart condition that required a pacemaker to prevent my heart from stopping. Today I walked 5 miles with no problem at all because of Sharon’s guidance. I would not have been able to do this without her professional coaching. She has helped me to realize that I will never be the person I used to be before surgery, with her help I am learning to be a new me. Thank you, Sharon. God has truly directed you to my path.

Sonya D.

Sharon is professional, knowledgeable, and an expert in her field! She customizes each one of my workouts to fit my health and fitness level. She modifies the workouts to accommodate previous injuries I sustained to my neck, shoulder, and arm during a car accident two years ago. Because of her expertise and modifications, I can still receive the benefits of working out while staying safe and not further injuring myself. I highly recommend OrthoFit with Sharon for anyone needing to get healthy and stay healthy, even for those who face weight and health challenges. She is a gem!

Lu Trenze B.

Yes, I recommend. Thank you, Sharon for helping me see the value in being healthy as a whole - mind, body, and spirit!

Valerie S.

Personal training that is precisely timed and I can see that Sharon is very knowledgeable. I have lost 3 inches in 3 months and I feel so much better!!

Joyce H.

I have been training with Sharon since February 2018.  I cannot say enough good things about the work Sharon has accomplished with me. When we began, I had little strength and muscle tone due to health issues. I could barely make a lap around my living room, now I'm doing 20 laps around. I'm doing cardio, strength training and improving my mobility. This has increased my strength tremendously, which reduces the chance of falling.

Sharon is patient and always considers how her client feels and adjusts your routines accordingly.   I would recommend her to all age groups, but especially 55 and older. Well worth the expense and YOU are worth it!

Frances H.

Sharon has helped me to understand and develop realistic goals that could be accomplished without the fear and angst of not achieving them. She developed an engaging partnership with me that stimulated my thought pattern in understanding the importance of incorporating different “Core Programs” to obtain my goals. Her exceptional communication skills, ensure that you don’t get lost and confused with her suggestions, guidance, and directions. She’s and an exceptional “Motivator” and I’ve learned and championed exercises that I never thought I would be able to accomplish! Sharon has inspired me and made exercising such a positive road map for my lifestyle. As a result, there have been wonderful things happening with my body.



Gregory C.

I had a stroke several years ago that left me with weakness on the left side of my body. I was looking to strengthen my left side and regain my balance which was very bad and climbing stairs was a challenge for me. Sharon analyzed my situation and recommended a fitness program for me that was excellent. The program of strength training and the wellness program for healthy eating has done wonders for me over a short period of time. Sharon has a natural ability to inspire her clients with words of encouragement and professionalism. She’s an excellent trainer and I would drive for hours to continue to work with her. She has a God-given talent and I would highly recommend her services. 

Howard T.

Sharon is a consummate professional when it comes to designing effective fitness and health plans and in executing them to ensure maximum results safely! She is an excellent listener, very patient, and her exacting expectations push me to continue towards reaching my goals. You feel like she’s in your corner, while she’s helping you improve your mental and physical well-being and she views my accomplishments as a reflection of herself! 

Swanzetta M.

Working out with Sharon is great. I feel so much better. My pressure is down as well as my sugar levels. I feel great and ready to work out more.