OrthoFit Personal Training and Health Coaching LLC

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OrthoFit Personal Training and Health Coaching LLC

personal trainer and health coach

Because inactivity is not an option


Personal Training / Group Fitness


I'll create an individualized exercise program for you, no matter what your fitness level.  We'll do an initial assessment and will track all your progress.  One-on-one or small group training is available. 

I also teach group fitness classes that are challenging, effective, and fun! Contact me if your recreation center, community center, or church is looking to add classes.

Options include sessions once, twice, or three times per week.

Orthopedic Exercise


One of the most common reasons that people visit the doctor is due to problems with the musculoskeletal frame.  My training in orthopedic exercise enables me to teach you how to listen to and get in tune with your body.  

Back pain, knee replacement, shoulder surgery, no problem! 

Everyone needs to exercise, but everyone doesn't need to exercise the same.  I will develop a training plan for you that will alleviate pain, improve your range of motion, and give you renewed strength and energy. 

Health Coaching


What is a health coach? A health coach guides their clients to make behavior-related lifestyle changes utilizing behavioral science, exercise science, and nutrition science.

Who needs a health coach? If you have tried diet after diet and can't maintain weight loss, tried in vain to stick to a workout program, or have trouble managing your everyday life while trying to be healthy, I can help you.  

I'll work with you to develop and sustain healthy lifestyle behaviors that can manage or prevent chronic conditions.

3-month, 6-month, and 1-year packages available