OrthoFit Personal Training and Health Coaching LLC

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OrthoFit Personal Training and Health Coaching LLC

personal trainer and health coach

Because inactivity is not an option


What We Do


Personal Training / Group Fitness

I offer one-on-one and small group personal training and group fitness classes for all fitness levels. We’ll work on strength training, cardio endurance, flexibility, and stability and mobility. Each program is individualized for you because no two people are the same. 


Orthopedic Exercise

Chronic back, knee, hip, or shoulder pain can make you feel like you can’t walk across the room, much less exercise, but the reality is that movement and exercise are great for helping to alleviate pain and regain your life. If you’ve had a previous surgery or are just leaving physical therapy, you need a personal trainer skilled in working with clients experiencing pain and range of motion issues. Contact me today to continue to improve your functional movement.


Health Coaching

As your health coach, I’ll empower you to make sustainable changes in your life to achieve weight loss, improve fitness, reduce stress, and prevent or manage chronic health conditions. 


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